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Concentrated Profit

Straight price comparisons of boxed syrups are one thing, but dilution ratios can make a BIG difference.

Sunglints Ratios

Cincinnati Cola x 10 ltr          7.1 = 281 half pints

 Cincinnati Diet Cola x 10 ltr  7.1 = 281 half pints

Lemonade x 10 ltr                7.1 = 281 half pints


Pepsi Cola x 7 ltr  5.1 = 147 half pints

Coca Cola x 7 ltr  5.4.1 = 157 half pints

Unbranded x 10 ltr  5.1 = 211 half pints

Unbranded x 10 ltr 6.1 = 241 half pints



Businesses like yours already enjoy the benefits of being supplied with postmix products from Sunglint.

Our commitment to you is to is to provide your business with quality drinks and increased profit opportunities

Great Support

Technical support comes from Sunglints own Service Team dedicated to Support our Customers

Skilled Engineers are on hand 365 Days a Year

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, one phone call will ensure a prompt response

Ordering is Simple

Order as much or as little as you like and have it delivered FREE

Telesales, regular visits from your own Sunglint Sales Person and a planned maintenance programme are all part of the service

Receive a regular phone call from our telesales team and take delivery direct from ourselves


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